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Mad Agriculture is:

Phil Taylor

Co-Founder & CEO

Philip Taylor holds a M.S. and Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology. He is a fellow at the University of Colorado – Boulder and the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. His research ranges widely from understanding tropical rainforest function and ecosystem biogeochemistry to solving sustainability challenges of agriculture. His work has been published in Nature, Nature Climate Change and Ecology. Phil has diverse international experience in both private and public sectors, and has led research and outreach campaigns throughout Africa, Latin America and SE Asia. Above all, I love being a father and husband. I am raising my children, Thatcher, Hudson, Ada and Shepherd, to be cosmic adventurers that live deeply from their hearts.


Xavier Rojas

Co-Founder & COO

Xavier Rojas has built his life around resource recycling. He started out running a non-profit called Boulder Food Rescue, a food justice organization that has made a massive impact. He also was a researcher for the University of Colorado, studying the efficacy of compost tea application to plants as a viable organic fertilizer and pest repellent. You might see him climbing rocks anywhere across the Southwest, or wandering around the rockies without any shoes on.


Rob Walcott

Co-Founder & CMO

Look at this asshole… Doesn’t even have his bio up and such. Don’t be like this guy.