Banking on Hard Woods

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Our group of chefs ending a forage in the old woods.

This quiet wooded sanctuary, mostly unmodified by human activity, stands beautifully as a testament of economic restraint by the farmer who owns them. The marketable fortress of timber spend their seasons drawing life from the sun and banking it in their trunk. At harvest time they will deposit their leaves into the soil below. It is a yearly maturation that has resulted in a unique finger print of biology and life, an unmarketable abundance that is only recently becoming more known to us.

For the farmer who owns these tress, their value in standing lumber is an insurance plan. Although physically towering to the heavens they can quickly be withdrawn from the woods by a deal of paper with pen made with the highest bidder. These trees are only a hard times away from being milled into market value, their fate rests in an economy completely irrelevant to their existence.

For the farmer, financial stability is tied to what can be made valuable from their land. This brings intense economic pressure to enlist any available land into the active duty of capital gain. Where there stands beautiful hardwood trees there also stands economic opportunity both for the lumber as well as acreage for future fields.

For these woods, they will continue to make yearly deposits into their wood and into the soil, and both will continue to accrue interest.

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