Place of the ingredient

There is a significant difference in the work those who truly care about what they are doing apposed to those who only wish to sell you something.

For the second year we were welcomed as guests to The Southerners annual morel mushroom forage and dinner. The event is the wonderful performance of The Southerners ethos and a considerate orchestration of the belief in the primacy of the ingredient. The understanding that the ingredient owes its value to the ecology, the cultivator, the preparer, as well as the culture and the time and place where it is served.


A poignant example of The Southerners consideration was the inclusion of space in the restaurant for the staff to eat and enjoy the food along with the guests. There is no curtain seperating guest and diner. No actors creating an experience trying to elevate the diners experience.
It is a well laid table enjoyed in respect and consideration in the finest of company.

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