Black Soldier Flies



The most sustainable feed

Our Mission

Mad Agriculture makes animal feed. We harness the nutrient recycling abilities of insects to turn food waste into a protein rich feed supplement so we can be less dependent on unsustainable ingredients like fishmeal and soy.

Our Feed

Mad Feed solves two major problems:

  1. Food waste is a valuable but untapped resource that usually ends up in landfills.
  2. The most costly (economically and environmentally) feed ingredient for fish and poultry farmers is the protein source. Mad Agriculture cultivates Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSFL), using commercial food waste as the sole input, producing a healthy protein source that fish and chickens love to eat. Our feed is 40% protein and 30% fat.


Secured $55,000 in seed funding
January 1st, 2016
BSFL production underway
April 16th, 2016
Startup founded.
June 1st, 2016
Pilot facility established
June 28th 1st, 2016
Launched MVP
August 1st, 2016

Feeding 9 Billion

Fish farming (aquaculture) is the fastest growing agricultural industry. But these fish farms, along with poultry producers, rely on high levels of soy and fishmeal, both multi-billion $ protein markets. With the price of fishmeal skyrocketing and soy being an inferior protein, the demand for a healthy, organic alternative is soaring

graph of growth of aquaculture

Bio-Tech Solution

Being experts in BSFL cultivation, we’re engineering patentable technology that allows us to maximize insect production. An innovative, automated, vertical farming unit that is meant for scale.

image of vertical farming

Mad Feed is…

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Valuable By-Product

The by-product of BSFL production is their waste, or “castings.” The nutrient profile of this waste is comparable to worm castings and can be used as an organic soil amendment. Our team has extensive experience producing organic liquid fertilizer from compost (a product known as “compost tea”), which is a high value retail fertilizer. Generating compost tea is a crucial part of our diverse revenue stream.

image of larva, castings, and plants

Multiple Markets

As food and environmental awareness increases globally, so too do our opportunities. We can provide backyard chicken farmers a premium retail feed product so they can raise the most healthy and hardy hens. We can provide commercial fish and poultry farmers an effective, cost-competitive alternative to soy and fishmeal so they can satisfy the growing demand for organic, sustainable meat.

Funding Goals

Our goal is to raise seed funding $455,245 for a 12 month period which will allow us to hire a 4 person team, establish high capacity production line, and launch retail and commercial product. We are seeking investment and can receive foundation grants under a non-profit endorsement through the Vermilion Sea Institute.


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42.8% Team
25% Facility + O&M
15% Marketing

Mad Agriculture is:

Phil Taylor

Co-Founder & CEO

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Xavier Rojas

Co-Founder & COO

Previously on the Board Of Directors of Boulder Food Rescue and a former scientist researching soil microbial communities.

Rob Walcott

Co-Founder & CMO

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  • John Fehringer (Feed Producer, Fehringer Feeds)
  • Eco-Cycle (food waste partner, clients include Whole Foods)
  • Erick Skokan (Black Cat Farm)
  • Rick Barrows (USDA aquaculture feed specialist)
  • McFarland Springs Trout Farm
  • Colorado Catch Bass Farm


  • Aaron Hirsh (Vermilion Sea Institute)